Welders vision and mission

Our Vision

  • To be known and recognized worldwide as the Specialist and Partner in the Design and Manufacturing of Equipment in Special Materials
  • To be a sustainable company where highly skilled and motivated employees are proud to work
  • To be a ‘future proof’ company with a sound financial basis and solid organization
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Our Mission

  • Welders N.V. is specialized in the Design, Engineering & Fabrication of High Integrity Customized Process Equipment, destined to aggressive atmospheres.
  • Welders N.V. manufactures pressure vessels, reactors, heat exchangers, piping systems and components, in innovative, heat- and corrosion-resistant alloys and exotic metals.
  • Drawing upon its diversified technical expertise and well-proven experience, it handles an extremely wide range of high performance materials & uses most suitable fabrication techniques.
Engineering detail

Since its inception in 1948 in Brussels, Belgium, as “Anciennes usines Welders S.A.” under the impulse of its visionary founder, René De Kriek, the company has been committed to the design, engineering and construction of custom-built equipment in corrosion-resistant alloys for the hydrocarbon and chemical processing industries.

In 1975, the renamed Welders N.V., moved to large, modern premises in the nearby industrial estate of Aalst. It vigorously continued its expansion into international markets and the development of its product range.

In 1987, a management buy-out provided a new thrust for the conquest of overseas markets, the expansion of its product range and the spearheading of advanced welding techniques for high-performance materials.

The spin-off in 1990 of its filtration activity resulted in the setting-up of WFT (Welders Filtration Technology N.V.) a majority owned subsidiary, which in 2008 became completely independent.

In 1991, under a major expansion programme, Welders N.V. inaugurated a large workshop, featuring latest state-of-the-art production tools including automatic welding machines and heavy handling apparatus allowing the construction of larger and more sophisticated equipment.

Welders received in 1994 the certificate of approval of its Management System to ISO:9001, followed in 1998 by the ASME U-Stamp certificate of authorization.

In 2008, Welders N.V. has been taken over by Aslan Partners B.V. Under the new management it continued enhancing its unrivalled know-how, strengthening its reputation as a world leader in static process equipment and establishing itself as a global player, with references in over 75 countries world-wide.

Working at Welders

At Welders, we are confident that our people are the key to our success.

Trust, responsibility, inquisitiveness, daring, respect, and cooperation are important keywords within our company. Our employees ensure the extent to which we can achieve the growth of our company and our mission.

We strive to attract talented people who want to contribute to the success of our company, guide, motivate and reward them within a healthy company.

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